Outside the Waist Holsters

The Ridgie (Rhodesian Style Holster): $130

The Ridgie (I named it after my daughter's Rhodesian Ridgeback) is my take on a very popular holster used by Selous Scouts in Rhodesia.

With my take on the holster I use the same clear coating process as my other holsters, which keeps it rigid. I heavily block the holster, for maximum detail. This, and the dimple I place in the back trigger guard area, increases the holsters retention.

Options: Color of choice for the leather and thread. The back tunnel loop can be solid or have a cut for a pant loop. Exotic hides and red dots. It cannot be built for weapon lights or have a cant. This is due to the reverse clam shell design.

Okami: $130

The Okami is a mutant belt slide/snap on holster, of my own design. Myself and a lot of my customers prefer kidney carry, with a bit higher ride. The Okami fits that bill. The short back wing, with the belt slot, helps pull the butt of the gun towards your body. I found the front snap loop helps positioning and distributes the weight of a heavier pistol. This holster is extremely popular for those who like a light or laser mounted and/or a red dot sight.

Please know, the intent is at least a medium ride with a 10 deg cant.

Options: Exotics, red dot sight, reinforced mouth ($10), and some lights/lasers.

JP Special Avenger:$145 with steel band. $135 without steel band. $120 without reinforcement. 

Every maker has their take on the traditional “Askins Avenger” holster. What I found out from a few customers was the hidden tunnel loop size minimized positioning options. So, I make mine a hint smaller but still large enough to balance/distribute the weight of the pistol.

I offer the holster without the reinforced mouth band and with it. Please know the steel band reinforcement may not be available with certain cants and rides.

Options: Exotic hides, reinforced mouth, steel band, and red dot sights.

SW Special Snap on Holster: $135

The SW Special is probably the most popular holster in my line. This was the collaboration of S.W. and me, when the company was Little Bear Holsters. We made the holster slimmer, wanted it to have two, Pull the Dot snaps, and offer various cants and rides. With the slimmer design, the snap loop on the back of the holster helps pull the butt of the pistol towards the body.

Options: Exotics, red dot sights, reinforced mouth ($10), and some lights/lasers.

Orvar Belt Slide: $80

The Orvar belt slide is just the run of the mill belt slide holster. Nothing fancy as the design has been proven over time.

Options: Exotics, reinforced mouth ($10), red dot sights, and lights/lasers.

Hastae IWB/OWB: $135

The Hastae IWB/OWB was designed in 2008 with a few friends. It is based on a “Watch Six” IWB but it has belt slots cut to allow OWB, by simply removing the snap loops. This is a great holster for those on a budget

Options: Exotics, reinforced mouth ($10), red dot sights, lights/lasers.