In stock holsters.

Browning Hi Power/SA 35 double magazine carrier: $70 shipped.

LEFT hand draw, black with 1.5" belt slots. 

Aegis 2 AIWB 2024 Staccato C, optic cut with co-witness sights. $220 shipped.

Right, charcoal grey elephant, 1.5" DCC Clips, Darkwing, open muzzle, full shirt guard cut for optic.

Ridgie: 5" 1911 Government model. No rail or optic  $100

This is a blem. The sewing machine had an issue at the top right and the line is not "straight".  No issue with function or retention. It just isn't pretty.

Black, right, 1.5" tunnel loop cut for pant loop

Okami OWB: $110 shipped

1911 with 5.5" threaded barrel, Streamlight TLR-1, no optic

Right, black, 10 degrees, full shirt guard, 1.5" snap loops, reinforced mouth

SD Special IWB: $75

Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm Sub Compact

Black, 17 deg cant, no shirt guard, 1.75" snap loops

Aegis Calypto Monoblock for a Staccato P 4.4": $125 shipped.

Right, brown with tan ostrich leg, half shirt guard, cut for optic, tall co-witness sights, Modwing, 6 degree forward cant

Snap on magazine/1" flashlight carrier: $55

Sig P365 models/Shield Arms Magazines and 1" light

Worn left, black, 1.5" snap loops