Belts and Shoulder Holsters

Cowhide Shooters Belt

Price: $70

My shooters belts are made from A grade vege-tanned cowhide. They are roughly .25” thick and double stitched. I have customers who have worn the same shooters belt for 8 years or more. And like my holsters, they are guaranteed for life.

To order, I will need the following information:


For the length, please measure from the fold at the buckle to the most used notch/hole of your current belt. This will be the center hole of your new belt.

You can choose 5 or 7 holes at either 1” or .75” spacing.

I only offer up to 1.75” wide belts.

Please choose a buckle: Satin stainless, bright nickel, antique brass, bright brass or black. If you prefer a roller buckle, please let me know. I can special order them.


Please note:

There are NO refunds/returns for belts if the wrong measurement was given at the time of ordering.

PLEASE do not submit your pant size, waist size, etc. in place of the measurement method requested.

If you need a belt exceeding 45 inches to the center hole, there is an additional fee of $10.

Exotic Hide Shooters Belts

If you are interested in an exotic hide shooters belt, please contact me for a list of in stock hides. Before you do, please have your belt measurements ready. This will let me know which hide I have will work with that size. IF I do not have a long enough piece in stock, I can reach out to my distributor to see if he can provide a hide or at least a belt strip piece that will work for the project. 


Elephant belt: $200

Alligator belt: $230 and up

FL Everglade Python: $150

Shark: $175

Bison in "Big Horn Sheep" pattern: $170

Tanker Shoulder Holster


$140 without back strap

$160 with the back strap

This is a classic shoulder holster that saw both war and peace time use. My take on the holster isn’t much different than the original, except I try to fine tune it, to each customer. Whether it will be used for camping, ATV rides, chores where predators and snakes may be lurking, one will have the peace of mind using this holster.

The holster is primarily molded on the front for friction retention. The snap loop break is raised by a rubber washer system to allow ease of use, even with gloved hands. All the snaps are Pull the Dot snaps and only quality hardware is used for this workhorse. This is not a cheap knock off holster that is made from a leather like material, with junky parts, molded for a “one size fits all” use. When I decided to make this holster, I wanted it to be the best I could offer. The feedback has been better than I could imagine, including high marks from soldiers who used them in WW2, Vietnam and other conflicts/day to day use as a soldier.

Before ordering, please measure the following, to ensure a custom fit:

- For the shoulder strap, measure from where you would want the ejection port/cylinder area at your torso. Go up the back, over the shoulder, to where you would like the grip to be.

·        If you would like the back strap, please measure from the ejection port/cylinder area at your torso to roughly where the front of the trigger guard should be.

Shoulder Holsters

At this time, I am only building one shoulder holster per month. This does not include the Tanker Holster. 
If you are interested in one, here are the base prices and options available:


$180 Horizontal shoulder holster, no mag carrier. 

$240 Horizontal shoulder holster, single mag carrier and back strap.

$270 Horizontal shoulder holster, double mag carrier and back strap.

(The all shark shoulder holster below is priced at $950 as it has kangaroo leather for the straps and loops.)

Please feel free to email me with any questions or to reserve your spot.