Inside the Waist Holsters

NSO: $140 

NSO IWB: $140 with steel band. $130 without steel band. 

This is probably one of the most notable holster in the industry and popular with many holster makers. It is a proven and solid design used by so many shooters worldwide. My take on this design give the customer an option of either a solid piece with the two snap loops or two single snap loops. Please let me know when ordering. 

Options: Exotic hides, red dot sight option. Please email about light bearing options.

Salty Dad Special: $130

The SD Special is a collaboration of Andre S. and I. The intent of this holster is to be worn at the kidney, with up to a 25 deg cant to increase concealment. The short back wing helps pull the butt of the gun towards the body.

Options: Exotic hides, reinforced mouth ($10) It can be built for most red dot sights with a cant maximum of 15 degrees. The stabilization fin can be omitted if that is desired. Please email regarding light bearing weapon options.