Ordering and Warranty Info

How to order:


I try to keep my process as simple as possible via email or phone call. I tried an online store and things were missed or a customer needed a special request. 

I have removed some things from my website. However, if you would like to order one of these holsters, please let me know. Hoplite, Havamal, SOB, Shoulder Holsters, and the ISI. 

The best way to order is to email me at: roninleatherholstersllc@gmail.com. As I am a one-man shop, answering calls can be difficult and I want to provide the best customer service I possibly can. However, I can usually return calls within 24 hours. If text works best, feel free to do so as we can get the ball rolling for the order when it is convenient for both parties.

When ordering, please consider the below questions I will ask:


Gun make/model.

Is there a threaded barrel, red dot sight, taller sights, light/laser or other modifications.

Holster model.

Side worn.


Ride. (For OWB.)

Open or sewn muzzle

Shirt/sweat guard: none, half or full.

Body color.

Reinforcement and the color.

Belt width.

Clip style. (For IWB holsters.)

Exotic hide.

Exotic hide color.

Additional items like a Modwing for AIWB holsters. Steel band reinforcement. (For IWB.) Initials stamped into the holster.

For belts I need to know the size, based on the measurement instructions on the belt page. Color, how many holes, spacing, width and buckle type.


There may be other questions depending on your wants. I try to make it as “custom” as possible. HOWEVER, I do not do one off holsters. I am no longer a full custom shop.


Once I have the above information, I will draw up the pattern for your holster, if needed. Once it is approved, I will send over an invoice. For payments, I take the following methods: Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, PayPal, over the phone credit card (I do not keep the number.), check or money order.


As far as shipping is concerned, I use Priority Mail through USPS. The price starts at $13 and up. This is due to the ever-rising cost of USPS rates, and a percentage goes towards packing materials. Belts, Tanker holster and multiple items are more. Depending on the size and estimated weight, it can be up to $20. Please feel free to request other shipping options like FedEx or UPS. FedEx and UPS start at 15 and up. Please know this can be a more expensive way to ship. Please contact me if you have any questions.


I guarantee my holsters for life. This includes my Little Bear holsters. If there is ever an issue due to my work, I will repair or replace the damaged holster. If you ever have an issue with your holster, please contact me.


Thank you for your interest in my holsters. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dave Galloway