NEW! Classic and New Designs

The holsters below are my twist on classic designs to hopefully improve comfort and concealment. Others are new designs available. Look for new style IWB holsters, magazine carriers and more. 

Mr. Parker: $130

The name is a bit of tongue in cheek. For movie buffs, you will probably get it.

Though it looks like a standard belt slide, outside the waistband holster, it is not.

The back wing is thicker than the front. This will help pull the butt of the gun towards the body as the wearer will have to break in the holster, to the contour of their body.

The thickness is achieved by how I line the holster with vegetable tanned kangaroo hide. The kangaroo lining is an added benefit, especially for those who want that smooth, yet very durable lining to “protect” their finish.

The holster has been tested by numerous persons, from all walks of life, and it has been extremely successful. In fact, one tester, much like myself, does not like belt slide holsters but really enjoys wearing this for his commander size 2011.

Here is the downside. 

- This is only available for 1911/2011 and Hi Power type pistols… WITHOUT optics, lights, etc. (From 3” to 5” 1911 with or without rails.)

- The holster will come with a cant of 15 degrees, half shirt guard, open muzzle and a mid-high (ish) ride as in the photos.

I rarely set such limits, but this is my vision: Offer a classic holster for classic guns.

The last limitation is exotic hides, and colors. Due to the continuing issues with oil dyes, the kangaroo will be black.

- Cowhide color options: black, dark mahogany, dark brown and medium brown (when available.).

For exotics, it is full face laminate only, in the following hides: shark (black, cognac, brown), elephant (black, grey, brown), stingray (all black) and alligator belly (cognac, black, brown, mahogany).

Even with my restrictions, you will find this is not a typical belt slide OWB. And to be frank, it really took me back to 1993, when I bought my first 1911. It was a Colt Combat Elite (Enhanced) and I searched all the gun rags to find a quality holster befitting that classic firearm. When I finally found that holster, I was on top of the world.

**If you would like something like this for a different firearm, light, etc., I can accommodate you by adding kangaroo to an Orvar belt slide. Please contact me for more information.

The Mr. Obeck Magazine Carrier Collection. 

I am introducing a few new magazine carriers for 2024. 

The first one is The Snap on IWB that has more of a "paddle"  shape. This shape helps keep the magazine carrier more stable inside the pants. Plus, myself and the beta testers, found it much more comfortable. 

Price: $55

Options: rough or slick out, full shirt guard, exotics. 

Mr. Longbagh IWB: $135

Though similar to my NSO IWB, this one has a few differences. 

It is a rough out body, slick reinforcement and snap loops, 15 or 20 degrees, half shirt guard, open muzzle, steel band and a deeper carry. And like the Mr. Parker, it is for 1911/2011, Hi Power type firearms WITHOUT optics or lights. 

Options: Cowhide colors of choice, exotic trim and snap loops.