To purchase: Please contact me via email, text or phone.  For payment, I take the following: Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, PayPal, CC and check/MO.

Aegis Calypto 2: $155 plus shipping (MSRP)

4.25" 1911 with optic, co-witness sights and TLR7

Black, right hand, 1.5" DCC Clips, half shirt guard, open at the muzzle and Modwing.

JP Avenger: $145 plus shipping (MSRP)

Sig P365XL with optic that replaces the rear sight, taller front sight.

Black, right hand, 1.5" belt, half shirt guard, open muzzle 15 degrees.

JP Avenger: $130 plus shipping (MSRP)

Staccato P 4.4" with optic and co-witness sights.

Black, right hand, 4 degrees, no shirt guard, open muzzle, 1.5" belt.

Aegis Calypto 1: $115 plus shipping (MSRP)

For a Nighthawk GRP, half rail, taller front sight, optic mounted further back.

Right, mahogany, open muzzle, G Code clip, half shirt guard, Darkwing and steel band.

(This WILL NOT work with optics mounted closer to the ejection port.)

SW Special for a 5" 1911 half rail with Olight PL Pro Valkyrie and red dot: $150 

Right hand, mahogany with cognac alligator, 15 deg, 1.5" snap loops, full shirt guard. This holster is new. 

Okami OWB: $120 plus shipping (MSRP)

For a FN 509 MRD (non threaded barre) with optic, TLR1 and co-witness front sight

Right, black, 1.5" belt, full shirt guard, reinforced mouth, 10 degrees.