Appendix Inside the Waist Holsters (AIWB)

Fast Lane Line AIWB: $60

The Fast Lane IWB holster is made using the same processes as my other models. However, what makes this less expensive is there may be a small scar, range or stretch mark. The leather inside will still be A grade and the back of the holster will not have the high detail like my other holsters. This holster comes with your choice of kydex clip. A Modwing can be added to the order. Exotic hides and reinforced mouth cannot be added to this model. The FLL holsters are not applicable for sales or discounts.

Aegis Calypto 1: $70

The Aegis Calypto 1 has been a proven design that provides concealment with comfort for extended, daily use. From micro pistols to government 1911’s, they are used by military, law enforcement and civilians alike. I make them as slim as possible to increase comfort when sitting, bending down, etc.

Options: Exotic hides, reinforced mouth, steel band reinforcement, red dot, light bearing, Modwing, and choice of clip.

*The holster shown outfitted with grey elephant, steel band, Modwing, and DCC clip.

Aegis Calypto 2: $95

The Aegis Calypto 2 offers a two clip system for those who prefer carrying heavier pistols or want to distribute the weight of their EDC.

The Aegis Calypto 2 comes with a reinforced mouth and steel band and clips of choice.

Options: Exotic hides, Modwing, light bearing, and red dot sights.

*NOT available for revolvers. Please see the Aegis Calypto Monoblock model below.

Aegis Calypto 3: $85

The Aegis Calypto 3 offers a snap loop system for those who do not care for kydex or metal clips. The snap loop allows for cant adjustment and it can be worn strong side as well. (Note: If equipped with a Modwing, it cannot be worn strong side or it could lock up the holster, interfering with the draw of the pistol.)

Comes with a reinforced mouth and steel band.

As the snap loop is removable, a kydex clip can be added to the order to allow using either or systems.

Options: Exotic hides, kydex clip, and a Modwing.

Aegis Calypto Monoblock: $90

The Aegis Calypto Monoblock system has been added due to the growing popularity of Discreet Carry Concept Monoblock clip system. This setup works well for both semi-autos and some revolvers.

It comes with a reinforced mouth and a steel band.

Options: Exotics, Modwing, red dot sights and light bearing pistols.




Aegis Calypto with UltiClip Crux: $115

This AIWB holster comes with the UltiClip-Crux which is a centered "wing" system which leverages the butt of the gun towards the body. This system allows me to build a very slim holster as I do not have to worry about leaving room for a different wing system.

Please know this may not work for all revolvers. 

It comes with the following:

Reinforced mouth

Steel band  reinforcement

Clip of choice, including most UltiClip models.

Options: Exotic hides, red dot sights, weapon mounted lights


NEW: Aegis Monoblock ADJUSTABLE: $100

The new Aegis model is the Monoblock version but with a 15 or 20 degree cant option. (No other cant option is available.) It comes with a reinforced mouth and steel band.

(Not available for revolvers.)

Options: Exotics, Modwing/Darkwing, red dot sights and light bearing pistols